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Close Protection Driving

Close protection driving is one of the key aspects of any close protection security measures and our agency has made sure that we strive to keep our clients as safe as possible. The operatives at Close Protection UK are well trained and have experience of many years in close protection driving... [more]

Close Protection Insurance

Insurance in close protection is an essential part of this job. There are many risks that are involved with offering security to important people all over the world and that is why the operatives should have the insurance cover in case of any uncertainties... [more]

Close Protection Equipment

Close protection is one of the toughest security job around as it involves protecting some of the world's important people. Having this in perspective, there are certain qualities and skills that the close protection operative should have in order to carry out their duties without any hitches... [more]

Close Protection Companies

Close Protection UK, despite the name, is not restricted to the boundaries of the United Kingdom. Numerous close protection firms exist outside this region, and they exemplify the range of requirements and skills a close protection company is meant to represent... [more]

Close Protection Licence


If you work as a bodyguard or a security official who protects people from the threat of injuries and assault, you need a close protection license.

You also need to have a license if you are in connection with, has a contract with or your services are supplied to a client seeking such close protection services... [more]

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