Close Protection Driving

Close Protection Driving

Close protection driving is one of the key aspects of any close protection security measures and our agency has made sure that we strive to keep our clients as safe as possible. The operatives at Close Protection UK are well trained and have experience of many years in close protection driving. We have trained our operatives in the same way the Royal chauffeurs are trained and they are licensed to operate anywhere in the UK. We always vet our operatives in terms of their driving skills so that they are not only bodyguards but also effective close protection drivers.

Why Do We Vet Our Staff?

Security of our clients is our main priority. We pride ourselves in offering the best close protection to clients not only in UK but in also other different parts of the world. With this objective in mind, all our staff are vetted and assessed on a regular basis so that we are certain they are fit to take up different close protection driving tasks. We have a panel of professionals that vet the operatives on a regular basis so that the security of our clients is never compromised.

How Do We Guarantee The Safety Of Our Client In Driving Situations?

Apart from the fact that we have some of the best trained bodyguards in UK, we make sure that our clients are tracked whenever they are on the move. This is to make sure that we provide the necessary protection to our clients. We have special tracking apps which include panic buttons that the client can use to supplement the close protection services. The apps and tracking devices are paced in strategic locations on the vehicle so that we our operatives at our offices can determine the exact location of our clients at a given time.

Our operatives also make sure that they carry first aid packs on the vehicle for the clients for additional safety. The Close Protection UK operatives are also trained to deal with medical emergencies that may occur when the client is on the move.

Areas Of Close Protection Driving Chauffer Training

Some of the areas that we rain our operatives include system of car control, safe driving standards (RoSPA levels), counter surveillance route planning and first aid techniques. We make sure that our operatives are trained in all these aspects so that they can cover their duties well.

To sum up all the close driving protection we offer, the vehicles we provide to the clients are also well protected from any danger whatsoever. Close Protection UK uses the latest technology to enhance security on all the vehicles that the clients use. We are the best in what we do, and that is offering the best close protection driving to our clients.

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