Close Protection Companies

Close Protection Companies

Close Protection UK, despite the name, is not restricted to the boundaries of the United Kingdom. Numerous close protection firms exist outside this region, and they exemplify the range of requirements and skills a close protection company is meant to represent. Below are mentioned some of the most prominent international operations of close protection companies.


Privileging heavily on prior military training, many ex-soldiers are now finding work in close protection companies in Turkey. This lead to a positive growth of the stock market, as well as enhanced security for local businesses and retails.

United States

The US is a highly developed nation, there is no doubt about that. The rise in the economy has led to a drop in security for many politicians and businessmen, further leading to an increase in demand for close protection executives. Many British entrepreneurs have successfully created American close protection companies, with the desire of improving operational skills and management of facilities.


Dubai has a number of successful businesses going in it recently, so the need for security is at an all-time high. Close protection companies of Dubai are dedicated to safeguarding the logistics, movement of capital and retail of their respective clients' businesses. Warehouses and personal markets are looked after by close protection firms as well.

South Africa

A South African training center for close protection agents was launched in 2007. It aimed to teach newer agents how to maintain their knowledge and training according to the British syllabus. The curriculum was expanded further in later years, and the qualification quota improved as well. This marked the first time an oversea country received qualification from the UK. As a matter of which, many South Africans now come to the UK to seek jobs in UK close protection companies.

With Close Protection UK, you can extend your reach to anyone in the world in need of close protection security. Be it Asia, Middle East, South America or the Far East, we have regions covered without a hassle. Our requirements may be exact, but they allow specific individuals to thrive and shine in this profession. As long as you have the experienced that is needed, you can handle any situation, no matter how hostile it may be.

Close Protection UK is the top close protection company in the UK, and our pool of experts is always there to lend a helping hand. We are extremely professional and sincere whenever any covert work is concerned, and we are known for providing the best form of security possible. Depend on us, for we excel at close protection security. Our services generally include personal protection of VIPs and celebrities, acting as consultants for corporate and specialist matters, providing security of ships and planes, handling threats and neutralizing violence, fighting terrorism, and arranging diplomatic meetings as well as manage a variety of transportations.

We are diligent in our work, and we always achieve our goals. Even if it is something as conspicuous as identity theft or secret plundering, we are trained to handle emergencies and dire situations such as these. Our expertise talks for itself whenever we carry our work with a 100% success rate. Be it big or small, Close Protection UK can handle any jobs as the most reliable close protection company in the UK.

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