Close Protection Equipment

Close Protection Equipment

Close protection is one of the toughest security job around as it involves protecting some of the world's important people. Having this in perspective, there are certain qualities and skills that the close protection operative should have in order to carry out their duties without any hitches. These skills include military training of some sort, driving skills, technology savvy and being physically fit. However, in order for these qualities to be effective when in operation, the operative should also have some close protection equipment with them.

A Firearm

As much as it may not be used all the time, a firearm is one of the important aspects of any close protection duty. There are some instances that require the operative to engage using their arm in order to neutralize any danger from happening to their clients. Our operatives at Close Protection UK are well trained to handle different types of firearms in their possession. Our operatives are also trained on the discipline of using such a firearm as some cases do not require the use of one. Any sort of military training that involved use of a firearm is always the best aspects to consider when hiring a close protection operative.

A Bullet Proof Vest

The use of a firearm is always coupled with the use of a bulletproof vest. The Close Protection UK operatives always use themselves as human shield when need be and they need to be in a bulletproof vest so as to tackle the enemy. Our operatives have their vest on every time that they're on duty. It is one of the safest ways to deal danger head-on. We at Close Protection UK are concerned about the security of not only our operatives but also the client who employed us and that is why we sometimes offer the vest to the client when there is a needy situation at hand. A bullet proof vest is one of the must have close protection clothing for our operatives.

SIA License

It is not an equipment per se but it is one of the tool that the close protection operative must have when they are on duty. It is an identification tool that you will have to use when you are with your client in places that have other security measures. Without this license, the close protection operative will find it hard to identify themselves when need arises. There are different procedures that one must follow before they can be handed the license. Relevant training musts also be taken before you can be credited with the license. It is a close protection gear that our operative carry with them when on duty.

Driving Skills

Driving skills are essential when you want to be close protection operative. It is a close protection skill that all our operatives have. There are some instances that require defensive driving skills. The operatives must have legal driving licenses before they can hired to work with Close Protection UK agency. Hire our close protection operatives for the best security measures.

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