Close Protection Insurance

Close Protection Insurance

Insurance in close protection is an essential part of this job. There are many risks that are involved with offering security to important people all over the world and that is why the operatives should have the insurance cover in case of any uncertainties. At Close Protection UK, we make sure that all our operatives are covered with the close protection insurance so that they have peace of mind when they are on duty. There are different areas that are covered by the close protection insurance covers and we have discussed some of them below.

Legal Expenses Insurance for Close Protection

With this type of insurance, all the legal expenses against the close protection operative will be covered by the insurance company. There are some cases where the operative will be required to appear before a court of law and this comes with lawyer expenses. The operative will have peace of mind when they know that all their legal expenses will be taken care of when they are on duty and they will not lose focus whenever they are offering security to clients. All our operatives at Close Protection UK are covered by this insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Close Protection

There are some instances when the client may lodge a claim against your professional work and this is where this cover comes in. There have been cases where the clients may sue an operative for compensation regarding the nature of their work. With such a close protection insurance cover, the work of our operatives is always respected and appreciated. At Close Protection UK, we make sure that our operatives are covered so that they can carry out their duties in a professional way.

Wrongful Arrest cover

It is not an unfamiliar scenario to find a close protection operative wrongly arrested by the authorities in UK or any place in the world. This type of cover seeks to make sure that the operative is protected from such unlawful arrests when they are in the course of their duty. All or operatives are under this type of insurance cover even before they take up their first security jobs.

Group Personal Accident cover

With this type of insurance cover, the close protection operative is always safe when they are in the line of duty. There are many risks that the operative comes in contact with when they are on duty and that is why this type of insurance is a must. All the accidents are covered by the policy even when the operatives are in a group. The safety of both our operatives and clients of Close Protection UK agency is our main priority.

There are other insurance covers that we provide to our operatives and also to our clients. We offer the best services in the security industry not only in UK but also all over the world. With Close Protection UK, your safety is always guaranteed!

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