Close Protection Jobs

Close Protection Jobs

The modern definition of close protection jobs has extended to areas such as; acting as bodyguards for VIPs and celebrities, managing crises that occur on ships and airplanes, and upholding a sense of security wherever necessary. The close protection industry has become an evolving entity that comprises of talented individuals and skilled professionals, all dedicated to the cause of close protection work. Applicants and newbies go through severe competition to survive in this line of work, and it is incredibly difficult to thrive in. Nonetheless, close protection careers provide an amazing sense of accomplishment that no other professions can, giving birth to a new perception of life. Of course, there are hefty payments to be received too, so there is never a bad reason to consider this increasingly popular line of work.

The British Bodyguard Association

Also known as the �BBA', this company rose to the ranks by taking advantage of the rise of the security industry. Its initial purpose was to provide a helpful network for people to find work during deployment. It has grown tremendously since then, and now houses a source of profession for numerous individuals. The BBA supports those trying to find a job in their desired sectors, especially close protection jobs in the UK, and offers steady and satisfying careers. This should be the place for you to enroll as a member if you are looking for jobs in close protection.

The Job of a Close Protection Operative

Close protection operatives are frequently deemed as professional bodyguards, which is a rather general approach to address the term. Abbreviated to CPO's, these talented individuals possess a wide range of qualities that make them worthy shields for any VIPs and figureheads. From physical protection to safety escapists, CPO's are well versed in handling dire situations. They are trained to combat injustice in the form of mugging, kidnapping, physical threats, street brawls, terrorism, and all forms of hostile confrontation. When the going gets tough, CPO's get tougher. They also look after damage caused by bribery or wealth plundering, and can save their clients' reputations even when things look grim. Being a professional close protection operative requires extreme discipline and unwavering dedication.

Even though this job pays heavily, you have to invest in your own development if you want to reach the top of the profession. Being a successful CPO requires specific levels of characteristics, most of which has to do with prior experience in various other fields. Requirements of a Close Protection Operative include, but are not limited to: physical fitness, considerable mental strength, unbreakable willpower, calculative mind, co-operative and trustworthy personality, social skills, and adaptability according to the environment's demands. Keep in mind that this is a job of much responsibility, so only you are to be blamed for your own shortcoming.

How To Begin

Close protection officer vacancies are usually given by private companies. Keep a lookout for these openings if you want to work in this line. Remember that this is a hugely varying profession and that you may not have the exact requirements for the specific job you are applying for. Thus, familiarize yourself in a number of departments to always get an upper hand in employment. Before that, however, you need the SIA license, which will officially categorize you as a certified member of the Security Industry Authority.

The SIA License

Applying for close protection jobs in the UK without the license of the Security Industry Authority, or SIA, is a futile effort. Even for close protection jobs abroad, law dictates that you must obtain this license. The SIA looks over the private security industry as a whole, so doing this line of work without their permission is violating the state regulations. The SIA license is only given to deserving individuals who exemplify themselves as professional close protection operatives. The license is a symbol of responsibility and signifies standard qualifications for any jobs in close protection.

Elements of Close Protection Training

This is where the hard part begins. The training is rigorous and many don't make it till the end, but you must endure it if you want to be learn about the world of CPO and how to survive in it. Enroll yourself in a training company and waste no time in mastering the basics. Meanwhile, learn as much as you can about this line of work, for details can be unclear at times. Keep an eye out for cheap-class companies that offer expensive but easy SIA licenses which teach very little about being a close protection agent. Such ineffective routes have been taken by many unaware students, leading to a lack of quality in close protection employment. However, an increase in demand of close protection operative jobs has led to clients asking for high-class requirements; thus cheap SIA licenses are no longer being privileged. This makes the need to properly train and learn the art of this profession to become fundamental once again. The constant personal challenge between dreams and reality, as far as close protection job opportunities are concerned, are always present.

Continuous Professional Development

In the pursuit of the SID license, you will have to come across the CPD exam once the entry course is dealt with. CPD challenges your potential as an adaptable close protection agent, and tests on not only your experience and knowledge, but also your training in adjusting to various situations. Since demands are always on a constant verge of alternation, CPD is required to remain open-minded and overcome any obstacles. Only then can you develop into a more professional close protection executive.


The world at its current stage is a dangerous place. Declines in natural resources and increases of constant war threats result to individuals seeking security in every way and form. Be it government or private, the need of a close protection executive has been ever-present. This is the time to utilize your training and international connection to land the perfect close protection jobs overseas. A new opportunity lies in every corner, and as long as you possess the requirements, you can be successful. Take advantage of the network at your disposal and aim for excellent close protection officer jobs. Always keep in mind that this is a very social profession, so your skills on public relationships and amiability are essential. Maintain connections with people familiar with close protection officer vacancies, and you can stay ahead of the game. Employment is just a step away.

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