What Is A Close Protection Officer

What is a Close Protection Officer

Close protection involves offering security to people (especially the important people in society such as the wealthy and the politicians). The dangers that these people can be exposed to include kidnappings, assassination, harassment or the loss of confidential information. Before you can go into this career, you need to ask yourself if you have what it takes to be a close protection officer. It is putting your life at risk in order to offer security to another person. You need to be convincing and experienced enough for one to pay for your services. At Close Protection UK, we guarantee all our clients protection and that is why we are trusted not only in UK, but even in other countries all over the world. So what is do you need to know before you can become a close protection operative?

Understanding The Work

There are many stereotypes that we get to see in movies and other platforms concerning bodyguards and other security personnel, for instance, it is always portrayed that the operative will be interacting with the mighty and rich in exclusive and expensive parties. What they never tell you is that as much as you get to attend these parties, your work will involve standing outside and waiting for the client to party after which you have to make sure they reach home safely. The bodyguard would always be on alert and not be distracted by what is going on in the parties or events the client has attended. We always make sure that our bodyguards are familiar with the work environment they are about to be exposed to and not have other stereotypes in mind.

Choosing The Type Of Work You Want To Deal In

After you have understood the nature of the work close protection operatives deal with, then you will want to choose the real nature of work. This is in the sense of the type of risk that is involved. There are operatives that are assigned to highly risky kinds of jobs (hostile environments) such as in areas such as Afghanistan, Iraq and south American countries just to name a few. These types of jobs have a training course that takes more than 5 weeks and involves vigorous training and use of advanced equipment's. However, there are also jobs that are categorized to be in medium to high risk. These types of courses can take up to 4 weeks and can require the operative to try and blend into the environment the client operates in. In some cases, these types of operatives can be mistaken to be part of the clients' delegate.

Close protection officers with many years of experience have encountered different dangerous scenarios and always tend to be more effective than the newly trained ones. At Close Protection UK, we value the safety of our clients and we always advise our operatives to take stringent measures to ensure they are safe at all time.

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