What Is Close Protection Work

What is Close Protection Work

There have been many instances where people have asked what close protection work involves or rather what are the duties of the close protection officers. Well, it is a very sensitive area to say the least since it involves offering security to some of the very important people in society. Close protection work involves having the right set of skills and expertise in order to be able to curb any form of danger that the client may be exposed to.

Where Will You Work?

This type of work requires that the client works in different fields. Some of our clients include politicians, celebrities among other important people in society. The close protection officer will always be required to accompany the client wherever they go to ensure maximum security. This can include business meetings and even in private parties. The nature of the environment where the close protection officer's work depends mostly on the security needs of the clients.

Military Training

Military training is not mandatory but it is one of the advantageous skills that we at Close Protection UK look at when hiring our close protection personnel. Since this type of work sometimes involves working in hostile environments, the skills will come in handy when you are protecting the client and yourself. The knowledge of how different arms are used is one of the major raining that the security personnel must go through. Some of the people who were in the military are working for Close Protection UK and this is a sure guarantee that the client will have maximum security.

What Are The Qualification Of Working As A Close Protection Officer?

There are different qualities that we look for before we can assign any officer to our clients. Military and knowledge of firearms is one of the key areas. You must also have a SIA license in the given field. The officers must also have personal integrity and good communication skills so that they can interact well with people surrounding the client being protected. Knowledge of a wide range of weapons is an added advantage for the officers. Our bodyguards have also undergone additional training in some of the best institutions in UK.

Time Of Duty

When the client seeks for our services, we always make sure to ask questions such as the duration of the service and also the time that the client wants the service to be carried out. Normally, the duration varies depending on what the client wants and we always make sure that we accommodate all the time they want. Our bodyguards are very professional and that is why we boast of services not only in the UK but also all over the world. We have a large number of qualified close protection personnel ready to offer the best protection to you.

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