Female Close Protection

Female Close Protection

One of the jobs that requires a lot of expertise and experience is close protection. We always sample our close protection operatives from some of the best security training institutions in UK and from all over the world. Our client base always trust the kind of work that we do for them since our bodyguards at Close Protection UK are experts. Our team comprises of both the male and female close protection operatives who take their duties very seriously because it concerns the safety of the clients.

What It Involves Being A Close Protection Operative

Before the bodyguards take up their first duties (after being employed by the agencies), they need to be familiar with the nature of the work that they are about to start performing. Sometimes the female close protection operative will be required to travel to different places around the world accompanying the client or even in dangerous places. This is why they need to have a certain set of skills and qualities such as military training that will help them in the work environment. Communication is also part of the essential skills that the bodyguard will require in the line of duty. This is a type of job that involves one making prompt decisions when danger strikes.

How Long Is The Female Close Protection Operatives On Duty?

The female close protection operatives, just like their male counterparts, are always available to offer the client protection at any time they need. Our bodyguards are well trained and dedicated to their jobs and that is why they are always successful in guaranteeing the client maximum protection. The bodyguards are also supposed to be flexible in accordance with the schedule of the client. Some operatives are known to work up to 24 hours a day and travel to different places that the client needs security.

How Many Operatives Offers Security To A Client?

Different scenarios requires the presence of different number of operatives. There are some instances or locations that require the presence of more than one operative. This cases are, for example, a politician addressing a gathering in a public place. Security at and enclosed place only requires one bodyguard. Our close protection operatives are known to corporate well with one another in cases where they are deployed as a team to offer security to client. This is how the security detail of our clients should be.

At Close Protection UK, we value the security of our clients. It is our main priority and that is why we will take every measure available to ensure they are a secure as possible. Our personnel are all military trained and equipped with the best technology and equipment's to help them guarantee the clients safety. We operate in United Kingdom and also in other countries all over the world.

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