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There are different techniques that our close protection operatives employ when they are offering security to clients. However, before we assign any duty to the bodyguards, we always make sure that they fit all the qualities and skills required to guarantee enough security to the client. We are known all over UK in offering the best close protection to important people in society. This can be celebrities, politicians or wealthy people. Our charges are affordable and the quality of the work cannot be compared to any other agency. So what the techniques that make us the best above the rest?

Route Assessment

This involves checking the routes the client are going to use to see if there are any danger spots, ambush sites and any other choke points. At Close Protection UK, we carry thorough assessment and inspection to eliminate any potential harm from happening. We have some of the best equipment's that help us carry out this practice in the shortest time possible so that we do not interfere with the client's schedule.

Offensive Driving

This is where our chauffer bodyguards use their best driving skills to avert any danger that occurs. This can involve ramming into the attacking vehicles or other effective techniques that will help do away with the assailant. Our close protection operatives have experience of many years and we also use the best vehicles when our clients are moving.

Venue Inspection

Most of the assassinations takes place because strict measures were not put in place when inspecting the venue where the client is going to be. However, this is not the case with our close protection operatives. They make sure that they carry out investigation and close all the loop holes that can be danger points for the clients. This can involve being on the venue a day before the clients arrival. This types of inspection require more than a single operative to be on sight. Again, the best tools are required to make sure that the work done is effective.

Close Quarter Battles

This is where the operative will be required to use their firearm handling skills in tight spaces to eliminate the target. It is one of the most complex close protection techniques but our bodyguards are well trained and they know just how to deal with such kinds of cases. The close protection officer should be familiar with different arms and how to use them in different types of dangers.


Getting the client in and out of their vehicle is not as easy as it seem because when they are in, or out of their vehicle, they are a target to different dangers. It requires expertise and experience to make sure that they alight safely from their vehicles or when they are alighting. We have trust in our bodyguards and the quality of work that they do and that is why clients come back for our services.

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