Close Protection Salary

Close Protection Salary

The security industry has recently boomed with the increasing popularity of close protection officers. Since the current world requires much stability and security, the demand for this line of work has increased significantly. Be it personal or company-based security, close protection salary does influence many individuals to join this profession.

This job definitely pays well, but the misconceptions associated with it are a lot in quantity. People assume from watching Hollywood movies that being a close protection agent is an easy task. On the contrary, it is extremely difficult to learn, master and continue sincerely. Only a few selected individuals can truly shine in this line, but that doesn't mean you should not try. Before jumping into a conclusion, be sure to learn the details of close protection.


Before anything else, apply for the SIA (Security Industry Authority) membership to be licensed under their name. SIA is the leading name in the world of close protection security, so you have no option but to be registered as an official close protection agent with the SIA license. With this license, you will be automatically qualified as a security or personal guard who can fend off attackers, fight injustice, and stop crimes when need be. This, of course, leads to a huge variety of qualities and responsibilities that clients will be depending on you for. While the initial close protection pay rates may not seem like enough, keep in mind that this license will help you along the way.

The requirements of this license are, but not limited to, conflict management, awareness of new environments, constant surveillance, and a steady calculative mind. The SIA license can be obtained after completing a minimum of 138 hours of training in a special course that drills the necessary qualities into the trainee. Basic medical training is required as well, and you need to have a clear criminal record, or else your license will be compromised.

Sense of duty

All close protection agents are meant to uphold a strong sense of duty. Since this job can be a matter of life and death at times, you and only you alone are responsible for the safety of your clients. Thus, your discretion, problem-solving skills, and assessment of principals and morals become your foundations. You will also be required to protect secrets and safeguard the privacy of important individuals, so you need to be utmost careful when doing so. Unwavering patience and unbreakable concentration should be your second natures.

This job also requires a lot of co-operation with fellow team members, colleagues, and associates of the clients. This mean teamwork is vital in order to survive. Be loyal to whom you work for. You cannot succeed if you act like a lone wolf; take help when need be. Your priority should be to keep your clients in a safe environment, so for that, you need good communication skills to maintain amiability and festivity. Keep these qualities in check and you can obtain the close protection pay you deserve.

Daily work

It may be assumed that because it is a �close' protection job, the agent has to stick by the client's side all the time. That is not the case all the time. For jobs with satisfactory close protection wages, you will be required to perform a number of activities on a daily basis. At the most basic level, you should be ensuring that the rooms or vehicles your client is about to use are secured. The travel routes, or even the driving itself, should be done by the close protection agent. It is also a wise idea to know all the clients' contact and prepare beforehand if any hostility occurs. When push comes to shove, be ready to fight. You can never be too careful in this line of work.

Prior Experience

It is nearly impossible to survive as a close protection executive without having any prior experience in other fields. Experience is what defines success from failure, especially in this profession. It is especially helpful if you are from a military background, since military training strengthens the mind and the body and hone reflexes. Being an ex-police can help too, since you would already know how to handle hostile situations and make quick assessments of shady individuals. Don't apply for high-risk work, even if the close protection salary is exceptionally good, unless you have at least six years of military experience in war zones.


According to the SIA, there have been over 10k licenses close protection executives in the UK at mid-2012, resulting in double the increase from 2010. There are rising demands for this profession in China, India, Russia, etc. as well, so there is never really an end of opportunities. However, because the requirements are so tight, the competition is severe. Unless you have what it takes, you will never receive the close protection wages that you want.

A good idea to slowly build your career is by performing exceptionally in the initial jobs. Ensure a good reception from your client, and utilize that reputation to land more clients. The SIA license really helps out here, since it is the only license you will need for this specific line of work. Still, it will be difficult to come across job vacancies, especially with the close protection salary you require. In those cases, you can opt for jobs as security guards until a better opportunity arises.

Jobs in London

Opportunities for jobs with good close protection pay rates is relatively easy to come by in London. Since London is a capital city filled with VIPs and celebrities, the need for a close protection executive is ever-present. But of course, the competition factor arises again, so you always have to be on your toes to catch the best vacancies. If they aren't available for movie stars or athletes, try applying for close protection of businessmen of large companies.

London is a haven for high-class celebrations and glamorous events, but as a close protection agent, you have to be out of the fun and the spotlight. You aren't here for the fame. Also, since London is a huge place, a lot of travelling is required to go around places. So your expertise as a driver comes in handy.

Close Protection Wages

This is a highly variable matter, since what you get is entirely dependent on what you do. Jobs that require working in dangerous locations, especially war zones, the close protection wage will be quite high. Famous individuals as clients will reel in more cash for you too. Day-rate pays for self-employment is also a feasible option; banking in at least �100 easily. To get a feel for this type of payment, try working in residential settings and act as guards for private properties. They are definitely easier than individual protection.

Risk is an important factor that determines the close protection pay rates. A high risk job can reel in a daily average of �500. Experience and special training can boost that amount further. Contracts are never similar to each other, so it is hard to assume beforehand what the total payment will be. Keep in mind that long breaks can dull your senses, so always train yourself to face risks.

Iraq and Afghanistan deserve special mention for being hostile foreign areas that attract a lot of close protection executives. It goes without saying that jobs in these countries are high-risk, but of course, high-reward as well. Be prepared for long hours of travel, constant social interaction, and unfamiliar situations. You might have to pay for your own cost meanwhile. Nonetheless, the close protection salary should more than make up for all that.

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